Compare And Contrast Essay Community College Vs University Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Cloning Essay
  1. To uplift the living standards of the people living on the streets, by proving temporary shelter, e.g. havens;
  2. To empower and give them the necessary skills, HIV training and to be able to be self-sustaining through the co-operation with THE MEN ON THE STREETS and WOMEN AT WORK organisations;
  3. To improve the problem-solving abilities of the homeless people, by providing counselling and family therapy;
  4. To contribute to a better living standard of the homeless, by distributing food and clothing when available;
  5. To contribute to the rehabilitation of the vulnerable people by providing a Green Scheme for training the people to become independent and self-sufficient;
  6. To strengthen their spiritual growth by reconnecting them with religious institutions and welfare organisations etc.;
  7. To promote community awareness and to encourage the participation of the public in the alleviation of problems the homeless are facing;
  8. To establish a network in the community to join hands against the problem of alcoholism, drug abuse, and prostitution.